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Planning My New Writing Space

I'm in the process of planning my new writing area and having fun playing around with ideas. One thing I want is more space without actually using up more space. Sound like I'm asking for the impossible? No, I haven't gone crazy. I can have more space without using more than the area I have already. I just need to organise the space more efficiently. 

I love this desk from IKEA. It gives plenty of desk space and also has plenty of space for adding an under desk cabinet. I love the inbuilt shelves too.

As I don't have a lot of space available (my 'office' is a small corner in my bedroom), I did a search on Pinterest for small offices and found some great ideas for making the most of my small space. Here's a few that caught my eye:

The end result will probably be a mixture of all of these. I love the idea of using shelving to make use of the space above the desk. Using a pin board to keep my notes together will be much better than having loose pieces of paper laying around too and stop them getting misplaced. My plan is to be clutter free and organised.

Know of a great mini-office pin I should check out? Leave the link in the comments section.


  1. I'd love to write about my writing space, but as of yet mine is also in the middle of being redesigned... my desk takes up too much space and STILL doesn't keep me organized :/

    1. Mine is still an idea so far but I've been a very good girl this year and so have my fingers crossed that Santa might get me the IKEA desk unit for Christmas ;)

      I'm having fun planning it though. Will be getting all my paperwork into order and picking out some nice folders to add to the shelves. I've also bought some smallish boxes with lids that I can use for storing stationary. You know you're a writer when the thought of buying new pens gets you excited ;)

  2. I LOVE that last one with the padded bench seat - although it would be tempting to curl up there with a good book instead of writing your own...

    1. Yeah I liked that too but my little office corner isn't big enough to put one of those in. It would be too tempting anyway.

      To see what my current work space looks like hcek out this post