November Challenges Progress Report: Week 3 | Jo Linsdell

November Challenges Progress Report: Week 3

Still rocking this month's challenges :D 

Progress report week 3

NaNoWriMo: Still on target! This week my characters completely took over. I reached the point of the story that I had originally planned on being the end and things took a twist. I'm now not sure what's going to happen at the end but I'm loving how things are unfolding.

PiBoIdMo: I have a total of 25 ideas on my list so far. 

NonFiWriMo: Still not much progress on this one. With Twitter going public, and having discovered certain changes already taking place on site and announcements of others in the works, I've lost steam on this one a bit. Still hoping to find my groove before the end of the month though. All hope it not lost...yet.

What I discovered this week:

1) Sometimes even when I plan things, they don't turn out like I thought they would.
2) I can pump out a heck of a lot of words when I want to.
3) Sometimes I surprise myself with what I come up with.

Are you taking part in any of these writing challenges this month? How was week 3 for you?