November Challenges Progress Report: Week 2 | Jo Linsdell

November Challenges Progress Report: Week 2

Another productive week. I'm loving these challenges this year and feeling positive about winning them all. 

Progress report week 2

NaNoWriMo: Still on target. So much has happened in the novel this week and I needed to regroup my ideas towards the end of the week to get my focus back. Happy to say I'm now more organised with my story line and have a clear idea for the upcoming scenes. 

At times, it was tough to stay motivated this week. I got a cold (it's now officially November). On the 14th I didn't reach my daily target for the first time. I did however let myself get an early night and made up for it on the 15th with one of my most productive days yet. I've also stocked up on fresh fruit and dried fruits like figs for healthier snacking. I may have abused the "treating myself to chocolate for words written" system and my body is clearly calling out for something with vitamins.

PiBoIdMo: I have a total of 20 ideas on my list so far. I LOVE #18 and it's taking all my will power not to jump into working on it right now. Too much going on this month though. It will just have to wait until December.

NonFiWriMo: Did some work on my outline this week and feeling like I'm back on track. 

What I discovered this week:

I learnt that it's OK to take some time off. It wasn't an easy choice to quit on the 14th before hitting my daily goal and I felt guilty for doing so, but I needed the rest. Turns out it worked in my favour as 15th went great and I made up those missing words straight away.

Also, sometimes the most simple ideas are the ones that get you most excited.

Are you taking part in any of these writing challenges this month? How was week 2 for you?