Social Shout Outs for September 2015 #SeptVidChallenge | Jo Linsdell

Social Shout Outs for September 2015 #SeptVidChallenge

Welcome to day 25 of the September Video Challenge. For todays video I thought I'd launch a new monthly video series called Social Shout Outs

Social Shout Outs for September 2015 #SeptVidChallenge #SocialShoutOuts

It's always good to give back, and so at the end of each month I'll be giving a shout out to some of the people that have excelled in awesomeness throughout the month.

Watch now to find out who I selected as my top 3 for September and why:


This months Social Shout Outs go to:

Emily LaGrange
Amy Schmittauer

Who deserves your social shout out this month? Drop their link below in the comments so I can check them out. Who knows, they might end up being in next months video :)

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  1. Jo - you are so sweet! Thanks for the awesome shout out! You SUPER ROCK! I love that you and Cindy have been rocking your video challenge! Way to go ladies!! (((hugs))) Delighted to be in such great company ❤

    1. You're very welcome Emily. Love being part of the Tribe :)