Finding Inspiration, and Beating Writers Block #SeptVidChallenge | Jo Linsdell

Finding Inspiration, and Beating Writers Block #SeptVidChallenge

Welcome to day 10 of the September Video Challenge (I know I'm late posting...again. Sorry. I promise to get better once the kids are back at school next week. These last days of summer break are hectic).

Finding Inspiration and Beating Writers Block #SeptVidChallenge

Writers Block... 

We've all had slow days. Some days the words just don't come. That's when we need to find something that turns that little light bulb on and sets those creative sparks alight.

Inspiration can come from any where. One book that turned out to be an unexpected inspiration for me was the children's picture story book 'Once Upon An Ordinary School Day'. I'm not just talking about being a great example of an awesome children's book either. The inspiration I got from it went far beyond that. It reminded me of the process of writing first drafts. Of creating. When you just let the words come and have fun with them. Where you see where the words take you. The most fun part of writing.


So the next time you feel yourself blocking, find something that gives you that creative push. You might be surprise where ideas can come from.

How do you beat writers block? What books have you found particularly inspiring? Chip in on the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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