What NOT To Do on Twitter #SeptVidChallenge | Jo Linsdell

What NOT To Do on Twitter #SeptVidChallenge

WOW! Already day 24 of the September Video Challenge. This month is flying by!

As I often share tips about what to do, I thought I'd mix things up a bit and do a what NOT to do today. Got to keep things interesting after all ;)

What NOT To Do on Twitter #SeptVidChallenge

I love using Twitter (yes, I know. I've said it a thousand times. It is awesome though). That said, everyday I see people using it wrongly. You can't complain that you're not getting good results with it if you're not using it correctly. 

So, for todays video I decided to share some of my pet peeves so that you don't annoy the Twitterverse, and can get the results you really want.

What is number one on your list of not to do for Twitter?

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