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Twitter Lists: The Easy Way To Filter Tweets #SeptVidChallenge

Ok, so I dropped behind again. This challenge is tough. I have been filming my daily videos for the September Video Challenge, I just haven't managed to upload them all on a daily basis. Maybe September wasn't the best month to try this challenge, what with my birthday, kids going back to school, etc...

Anyway... what's done it done and I'm just going to have to try and make up for lost ground so that I finish the challenge with 30 videos uploaded by the 30th.

This is the video for day 17. Twitter Lists: The Easy Way To Filter Tweets.

Twitter Lists: The Easy Way To Filter Tweets #SeptVidChallenge

Twitter is a fantastic social media site. One of my personal favourites.   I love how everything is so quick and easy. It's great ROI too. One thing that turns a lot of people away though is the feeling of being overwhelmed. With so much information, and the constant new content being shared it can be hard to keep track of your tweets and find what you were actually looking for. 

That's where the Lists feature comes in. Lists is the perfect way to filter tweets into topics or groups of people, so that when you want a specific type of tweet you know exactly where you can find it.

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