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What I Learnt From Doing The #SeptVidChallenge

It's 30th September and that means it's the last day of the September Video Challenge. What a month!

I dropped behind twice during the month but caught up and still managed to create, edit, and publish 30 videos in 30 days. 

What I Learnt From Doing The #SeptVidChallenge

Thank you to those of you that watched the videos, subscribed to my YouTube channel, left comments here on the blog or on social media. I've loved reading your feedback.

Thanks also to those of you that weren't interested in the challenge but patiently put up with my daily posts about it anyway ;)

I had fun doing this and learnt a lot along the way. Thanks to the challenge I've also grown my network and made some awesome new friends too. 

Now looking forward to a slightly more relaxed posting schedule, so I can concentrate on my November challenges. Yep, it's NaNoWriMo, PiBoIdMo, and WNFIN time again, and I plan on doing all three this year. More about those soon :)

Anyway here's the last video from the September Video Challenge. It seemed fitting to do a summary of what I learnt from doing the challenge.


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