Behind the Scenes: My "Film Studio" #SeptVidChallenge | Jo Linsdell

Behind the Scenes: My "Film Studio" #SeptVidChallenge

As I've been putting out a lot of content this month, I decided that for day 21 of the September Video Challenge, I'd take you behind the scenes a little, and reveal a few secret tips.

Behind the Scenes: My "Film Studio" #SeptVidChallenge

We all know that video is a powerful medium. Some people get blocked though as they don't have a fancy film studio and/or high tech video editing software, and so don't feel like they can put out professional looking videos. 

Don't let a lack of space or software stop you!

You can put out great video content without all that. All you need is a little, clutter-free area. A simple free program like windows movie maker is also enough. 

In this video I talk about my "film studio" and share a few tips for getting a professional look. I also let you know which is my editing program of choice.

Where do you like to film from? Describe your set up? Which video editing software do you like to use?

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