Who are your "inspiration authors"? #SeptVidChallenge | Jo Linsdell

Who are your "inspiration authors"? #SeptVidChallenge

Who are your "inspiration authors"? #SeptVidChallenge

I know, I know... you were looking for posts for days 6 and 7 and now today is day 8. Sorry I missed some posts. I've had a busy couple of days and life got in the way. I'm going to make it up to you though and get back up to pace today by posting not 1 but 3 posts ;)

So, welcome to the post which should have been posted for day 6. 

For this video I decided to share about why I love books by author Julia Donaldson and why she is one of my "inspiration authors".

Who are your "inspiration authors"? What rhyming children's authors do you like and why?

How are you doing with the September Video Challenge so far? Up to date? or are you playing catch up like me?

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